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                Guangzhou Shanhai Bay

                (in front of Nansha Coach Terminal)besides Guangzhou Fok Ying Tung High School, Gangqian Avenue, Nansha District



                Brief Introduction

                This project is located besides Dajiao Mountain Park, Nansha Coastal Park and Nansha Tianhou Palace. The concept of the design is to respect nature and integrate the field resources. The project has fostered an international, grand, healthy and ecological living environment by creating an ecological landscape combined with the idea of ocean.

                The garden design of the second phase was undertaken by Hong Kong ACLA design company.  ACLA highlights the inter-connectivity between the residents and the garden environment. All landscape of the garden has taken under consideration the daily needs of residents, ranging from the situation and planting.

                The largest lawn is in the Northwest of the garden, covering 5,000㎡. Considering the fire climbing platform , the main road offers square of 1,500 to 1,000㎡ for leisure. Besides, there are two playing fields for kids, taking up 8,000㎡ and 1,000㎡ respectively. This project also adopt the concept of pan club, which has used the empty space of the high-floor building as a 24-hour exercise and social space.

                The building elevation attuned to the key note of modern costal construction style, supplemented with corresponding landscape-themed decoration, such as the walls, handrails, landscape walls, pavilion, and statues within the landscape, which can bring up a harmonious large space. In terms of green landscape, Galaxy Shanhai Bay has created a unique living environment in modern costal construction style, and balanced composition with simplicity and dynamic magnificence.

                Main Room Style

                Guangzhou Shanhai Bay

                ADD: (in front of Nansha Coach Terminal)besides Guangzhou Fok Ying Tung High School, Gangqian Avenue, Nansha District

                TEL: 020-84955555

                WEB: http://gz.chngalaxy.com/ProjectsView.aspx?ID=44

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