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                Galaxy Won the Brand of the Year Award

                On November 30th, the 8th China Finance Summit kicked off in Beijing. After declaring its new brand positioning – “A Leading City Developer”– in June, Galaxy was recognized by the industry and won the Brand of the Year Award 2018.

                Brand strategy transformation from real estate development to urbandevelopment

                In 1995, Galaxy officially embarked on the road of real estatedevelopment. With the completion of a series of star projects such as Shenzhen Galaxy International and Shenzhen Galaxy Dandi, it has established a reputation with high-quality projects in the industry. While most real estate companieswere rapidly expanding their business and pursuing economies of scale, Galaxy began to explore the possibility of persified development.

                In 2004, Galaxy formed a professional commercial operations team. Two years later, Futian Galaxy COCO Park was completed. As the country's first themed shopping mall, it is also the first open-airshopping mall in Shenzhen. COCO Park has become a commercial landmark in South China. Today, developments based on "COCO" commercial brands have blossomed in many cities, including COCO Park, COCO City, COCO Garden, and iCO.

                A forward looking business distribution in the financial and industrial fields has provided the driving force for the subsequent development of Galaxy. Since the beginning of 2009, Galaxy has become an important shareholder of Sunshine Insurance, Shenzhen Capital Group, Shenzhen Futian Yinzuo Rural Bank, National SME Development Fund, and Qianhai Mother Fund. In 2014, Galaxy officially entered the field of industry and becameone of the top ten in this industry three years later.

                Donations to schools

                In November 2018, the Puning Campus of South China Normal University, in which Galaxy invested 800 million RMB, officially started construction. On the same day, Galaxy donated 10 million RMB and 1 million RMBas a scholarship fund to Jieyang’s Municipal Government and Puning’s Municipal Government, respectively. The campus covers an area of more than 320 mu. Top education resources from South China Normal University will be introduced into the campus. After completion, it is expected that the campus will have more than 200 classes. Local students will receive a high-quality education from kindergarten to high school without traveling far.

                In 2008, an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan. In addition to donating 6.66 million RMB to the disaster-stricken areas for the construction of temporary housing, Galaxy helped Wenzhou County Cheng’guan No. 1 Primary Schoolcarry out post-disaster reconstruction. In May 2010, the new teaching building, built with an investment of nearly 9 million RMB, was completed and became a local model project, able to accommodate more than 1,500 students.

                At present, Galaxy has donated 1.8 billion RMBto support education and has built more than 20 schools across the country.



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